Are you thinking of giving your home a makeover? If the answer is yes, painting interior walls has probably crossed your mind. There is no easier and cheaper way to freshen up the rooms but… Do you want a professional result? Read on!

Giving walls a coat of paint is one of the most common activities when it comes to renovating any room. It’s an easy job because anyone can apply wall paint, but be careful! Not everything goes…

If you’re thinking of doing it yourself: Take into account our tips for painting like a real professional and get the best results!

7 tips for painting walls

Before you start painting, it is very important to take into account these professional tips:

1. Prepare the room

Once you have all the material you are going to need… Don’t make the mistake of starting to paint without first preparing the whole room!

If possible empty the room completely, otherwise cover it to protect the furniture and surfaces that can be stained from paint splashes or any other type of dirt.

The switches, if you can not disassemble them, it is advisable to cover them with masking tape. And on the floor we recommend you to put paper instead of cardboard.

Also, if you do it right, this will save you time when cleaning.

Important! The masking tape should be removed when the paint is not completely dry, otherwise you may damage it when removing the tape.

2. Prepare the surface

Before painting walls it is very important that the surface is previously prepared.

Start by deep cleaning to remove all traces of dirt that may be present. Continue sanding the surface to get rid of the remains of previous paint and, incidentally, take the opportunity to fix any damage (cracks, dampness, …). Only if you follow these steps, you will get the paint to adhere properly.

3. Choose the right paint and color

We love this step but we have to admit that it often drives us crazy. We have to choose the right color!

It is very important, when painting walls, to take into account the size of the room, the natural light it has and the furniture that will compose this space. Knowing this: we can choose the right color and paint! Remember, if you want brightness and spaciousness, light colors.

Recommended: do a test on a small surface and let it dry to see that the result is as expected.

4. Calculate the amount of paint you need

Knowing exactly how much paint you need to paint walls like a professional is not complicated, you just need to know the surface in square meters:

Multiply the width of the wall by the height, this is the total surface of the wall.
Calculate the surface of doors and windows and subtract it to the total surface of the wall.
If you are going to paint several walls, do the two previous steps with each of the walls and add the total surfaces, you have the result!

Knowing the total surface area and the paint yield, you know how much paint you need. However, it is always better to get professional advice.

5. Take care of the technique

It’s time to paint! It sounds easy, but don’t do it any old way. Do you know how to start?
The first step is the ceiling and then the rest of the walls always from top to bottom. Start applying the paint with vertical and then horizontal movements. This way you will cover the surface evenly.

When soaking the roller, it is very important to wring out the excess paint to avoid dripping.

6. Let it dry well

This step is more important than you think, if you don’t respect the drying time you can lift the paint and your work will be useless.

It is possible that you need to give more than one coat depending on the amount of paint used and the degree of coverage that the surface needs. For this, it is essential to take into account the drying times indicated by the manufacturer, as well as the weather conditions.

Be patient! This is reflected in the results.

7. Follow the manufacturer’s advice

Always remember that no one like the manufacturer can give you the necessary indications so that you can follow all these steps without any problems. And, in addition, to achieve one hundred percent optimal results.

Now… Are you ready to fill your house with color? Do you have any doubt about how to paint walls like a real professional? Leave us your comments and we will help you!

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