pintura aislante térmica y acústica


  • FINISH: Matt
  • COLOR: White
  • COVERAGE: 4-6 sqm/l
  • DRYING: 30 minutes
  • REPAINTING: 2-4 hours
  • SIZE: 4-15 l


Matt plastic paint based on acrylic resins in aqueous dispersion, special pigments of high strength and light fastness and nanotechnology that give the paint thermal insulation, acoustic and anti-condensation properties.


Excellent adhesion on cement, concrete, brick and other materials used in construction.
Ideal for decoration and protection of interior surfaces to provide a barrier against temperature variation, in addition to conferring a great protection against humidity and condensation.
Stable white, it does not yellow.
Very balanced paint in whiteness, for the protection of interior walls.
Resistance to wet rubbing superior to 8,000 cycles.
Easy to apply.