Pimasa Waterproof paint

heavy coat

  • FINISH: Satin
  • COLOR: Red
  • COVERAGE: 1,5-2 m²/l
  • DRY TIME:  1-2 hours
  • RECOAT TIME: 12-24 hours
  • SIZE: 4-15 litres


Waterproof non-asphalt satin paint based on acrylic copolymers in emulsion. Once dry it forms a genuine rubber film, completely waterproof.
Ideal for waterproofing terraces, rooftops, roofs, etc.


Completely waterproof.
The film formed is permeable to air and water vapour, allowing for breathing support.
Extraordinary elasticity, greater than 550% elongation. Neither cracks nor fissures with movement. Resistance to aging, to weathering and UV rays.
Excellent adhesion to all types of construction materials, such as concrete, brick, cement, fibre cement, metal, etc.
Tensile strength of 30 Kg/cm².
Its extreme adherence and penetration in cracks and pores as well as its elasticity make it perfect for supporting expansion and contraction without cracking or peeling.
Easy application.