Tennis red

  • FINISH: Matte
  • COLOR: Tennis red
  • COVERAGE: 6-8 m²/l
  • DRY TIME:  30 minutes
  • RECOAT TIME: 3 hours
  • SIZE: 4-15 litres


Matte acrylic paint based high-resistance and light fast acrylic copolymers. Ideal for tennis courts and other sporting facilities.


Great covering power. Excellent adhesion on cement, concrete, brick and other construction materials. Breathable. Completely waterproof. Weather-proof and UV-resistant. Stable colour. Does not give off odours hazardous to health. Film thickness of 100-150 µmicrons when wet and 35-50 µ microns when dry, depending on the type and condition of surface, absorption, mode of application and degree of paint dilution. Well-balanced colour, covering and washability for protection of indoor and outdoor walls. Easy application.