The fact that stippled ceilings are no longer fashionable is a true fact. This technique, which was used so much years ago, is no longer in fashion. So, one of the most common renovations is to remove stippled ceilings. Do you want to do it yourself? Don’t miss this article and discover how to remove stippled ceilings like a real professional!

For many years, stippled paint has been responsible for covering up imperfections in the walls of our homes. An uneven or uneven wall was always concealed with this technique, which was also very economical. But, it is clear that gotelé is no longer fashionable, so follow these simple steps and get your walls completely smooth… Your house will look like another one!

Check the type of stippled paint

In order to get rid of stippled walls we have to start by knowing the type of stippled walls we are dealing with in our house. To do this, we have to scrape off a part, not necessarily large, and dilute it in a glass of water. If the product dissolves, it is because it is gotelé tempera. If it does not dissolve, it is because we have plastic stippled paint.

Methods for removing stippled paint

Now that we know the type of gotelé we have at home, it will be very easy to choose one of the two methods that exist to remove gotelé:

Covering: If we have plastic stippled paint, the technique we will use is to cover it with a special paste.

Scraping: If we have gotelé tempera, the technique we will use will be to scrape the wall.
Step by step to remove the stippled paint from the walls
Now that we are clear about the above, the time has come to discover in detail how to remove the stippled paint!

We will start by taking into account that it is very important to carefully cover both the floor of the room and the furniture that you have had to leave inside the room. And now you are ready to follow the steps and remove the stippled paint for good!

How to remove stippled paint

These are the steps you need to follow to remove the stippled paint:
Moisten the area: To start with, it is advisable to moisten the stippled paint to soften it and make it much easier to remove.
Scrape the surface: Once it is soft, scrape the whole area with a spatula to gradually remove the lumps of paint that we want to see disappear. Be careful when doing this step, the spatula can leave a mark on the wall if we do it abruptly.
Use primer: Although we already have a smooth wall and we are looking forward to give it our touch of colour, if we want to get a more professional finish, it is important to use primer.
Let’s paint! Now it’s time to choose the right colour and paint! Don’t forget to respect all the drying times and follow the manufacturers’ instructions to get the finish you expect.

How to remove plastic stippled paint

To remove this type of stippled paint, the quickest technique is to cover the surface and smooth it out:
Clean the wall: In this case, this step is very important as we are going to use a product and, if the surface is not clean enough, it can give us problems when it comes to adhering.

Apply stippled wall covering: It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the preparation of the product and its use. We must apply the product uniformly, with a roller, all over the wall we want to cover. Be careful, the surface must be completely flat.
Sand the surface: For a professional finish and for the surface to be as flat as possible, it is advisable to sand all the irregular parts.

Cover with primer: In this case, it is also important to use primer, once we have the surface clean.

Let’s paint! To finish with the whole process, it is time to choose the right colour and paint. In this case, as with the previous method, don’t forget to respect all the drying times and follow the manufacturers’ instructions to get the finish you expect.

Now that you know all the steps… Do you have any doubts about how to remove stippled paint from walls? Leave us your comments and we will help you!

And don’t forget, it’s always better to get professional advice.
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