Matte 2002

  • FINISH: Matte
  • COLOR: White
  • COVERAGE: 8-12 m²/l
  • DRY TIME:  30 minutes
  • RECOAT TIME: 2-4 hours
  • SIZE: 4-15 litres


Matte acrylic paint based on acrylic resins in a watery dispersion with highly-resistant pigments and light-fastness.
Ideal for decoration and protection of interior surfaces.


Good covering power.
Excellent adhesion on cement, concrete, brick and other construction materials.
Completely waterproof and UV-resistant.
Stable white, not yellow.
Resistance to wet scrub over 2,000 cycles.
Well-balanced whiteness, covering and washability for protection of indoor walls and permissible for exteriors.
Easy application.